In December last year, His Grace Braja Prabhu and family, who are originally from Hungary and now living in Fiji, made a month-long visit to India on a pilgrimage with other devotees of ISKM (Singapore, India, China, Philippines).

At one point during the trip, Braja Prabhu and family took a different route down south to a town called Amalapuram along with His Grace Sundara Śrīnivāsa Prabhu who conducts a temple there. Braja Prabhu prepared 3 nectarean videos from his trip for our viewing pleasure.

He spent a week there and was very much impressed by the potential for preaching there. Sundara Śrīnivāsa Prabhu arranged a few preaching programs in which Braja Prabhu happily participated. The townsfolk were very surprised and happy to see the Hungarian family follow the Vedic culture.

Sundara Śrīnivāsa Prabhu also showed them his farm wherein fruits and vegetables were grown and was also home for cow protection.

One of the key highlights of the trip was the preaching program wherein Braja Prabhu was addressing a crowd of about 70 people. When Braja Prabhu’s daughter recited the verses (video 1) from the Bhagavad-gītā with perfect pronunciation and meter, the entire crowd was stunned to say the least. After the program, they all congratulated her by garlanding her. They were of course very much inspired by Braja Pabhu’s powerful lecture in which he highlighted the duty of every Indian, which is to preach Kṛṣṇa consciousness all over the world. He encouraged everyone present to kindly cooperate with Sundara Śrīnivāsa Prabhu in his efforts to build a temple there in Amalapuram.

Their family was also featured in the local newspapers on three separate instances.

Hare Kṛṣṇa!!