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Yes! The Ratha Yātrā season is here! The 3 magnificent chariots have just arrived yesterday here at the temple in Singapore from our farm at Kota Tinggi, Malaysia, where they are parked the entire year. Now the chariots will be repainted and decorated for the Ratha Yātrā festival over a one-month period.

We are bubbling in excitement as the Ratha Yātrā is just a little more than a month away. That would mean that the service intensity would heighten manifold here at ISKM Singapore.

Many devotees from various countries are already getting their visas and flights ready to join in the grand Ratha Yātrā celebration scheduled on the 25th of June, 2017 at Hougang Stadium here in Singapore.

If you are reading this from a country other than Singapore and would like to join us in the Ratha Yātrā celebrations, please write in to us using the contact form below. We will connect with you and help you in your visa arrangements (if you require a visa to come to Singapore) and lodging arrangements. We won’t be able to book your flights though :))

Jaya Jagannātha!

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